• Modern Cracow Podgorze office space rental at Zamoyskiego 24, with sleek desks, computers, and bright natural light.
  • Modern office space rental at Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow Podgorze, featuring a bright, multi-level layout with glass details and contemporary furnishings.
  • Modern office space rental with sleek interiors and minimalist design at Zamoyskiego 24 in Cracow Podgorze.
  • A modern office space rental at Zamoyskiego 24 in Cracow Podgorze, featuring a welcoming reception area with stylish furnishings and vibrant plant decor.
  • Modern office to rent at Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow Podgorze, with a well-lit meeting area, artworks, and tasteful greenery.
  • Modern office space rental at Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow Podgorze, featuring neatly arranged desks with computers and ergonomic chairs.
  • The facade of a distinguished Cracow Podgorze office building at Zamoyskiego 24, ideal for those looking to rent office space in a historic area.
  • Bright and modern office space rental at Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow Podgorze with a large conference table, comfortable chairs, and electronic equipment.
  • Zamoyskiego 24 Cracow
  • Zamoyskiego 24 Cracow

Zamoyskiego 24, Kraków

Rent office space at Zamoyskiego 24 from 23 to 78m² starting at PLN 6,000 per month.

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In the office at Zamoyskiego 24, there are many facilities available.

  • Desk
  • Internet facilities
  • Coffee/tea
  • Printer
  • Meeting space
  • Pantry
  • Parking facility
  • Heating
  • Electricity connection
  • Window cleaning (outside)
  • Water consumption
  • Waste disposal
  • Cleaning (common areas)
  • Fiber optic Internet
  • 24/7 access
  • Reception desk
  • Common areas
  • Restaurant
  • Free WiFi
  • Mail processing
  • Airconditioning
  • Cleaning (rented space)
  • Bicycle storage
  • Security
  • Elevator
  • Toilets
  • Phone area
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Location & Accessibility

Nearest public transport:

Available offers

Office space 6 persons
Rental price: PLN 6,000 p.m.
Office space 6 persons
Rental price: PLN 6,900 p.m.
Office space 8 persons
Rental price: PLN 9,200 p.m.
Office space 10 persons
Rental price: PLN 10,500 p.m.
Office space 10 persons
Rental price: PLN 11,500 p.m.
Office space 10 persons
Rental price: PLN 12,000 p.m.
Office space 16 persons
Rental price: PLN 18,400 p.m.
Office space 16 persons
Rental price: PLN 18,400 p.m.
Office space 16 persons
Rental price: PLN 18,400 p.m.
Office space 12 persons
Rental price: PLN 13,800 p.m.
Office space 12 persons
Rental price: PLN 14,400 p.m.
Office space 14 persons
Rental price: PLN 16,100 p.m.
Office space 22 persons
Rental price: PLN 25,300 p.m.
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Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow

Time to level up your business game? Look no further, because the opportunity to rent office space at Zamoyskiego 24 in the heart of Cracow is knocking at your door. Picture this: your team thrives while ensconced in an office that boasts a sleek, modern design with an industrial twist. The exposed ventilation pipes create a vibe that says 'we mean business,' but in a cool, understated way. No frills here, just pure productivity in a space that's as functional as it is stylish.

The charm of this office space rental at Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow is hard to resist. With minimalist décor that doesn't distract, bright spaces that ignite creativity, and a communal area that marries the warmth of wood with the clarity of glass, your workdays will never feel dreary. Whether you're an ambitious startup or a seasoned enterprise, renting office space here means signaling to the world that you're serious about success—and sophisticated in your style choices.

Facilities of Zamoyskiego 24

At Zamoyskiego 24 in Cracow, every feature is handpicked to smooth your way from 'to-do' to 'done'. With high-speed internet facilities to keep you connected, a pantry full of coffee/tea to keep the ideas brewing, and a printer that's always ready for action, you're set up for success. Meeting space galore means you can shift from huddles to presentations without breaking a sweat, while air conditioning ensures your cool head prevails all year round.

You want perks? You got 'em. Enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access, so you can work how and when it suits you best. Parking won't be a puzzle thanks to the onsite facilities, and bustling common areas give you the perfect excuse to network or take five. Factor in the reception desk, mail processing services, and free WiFi throughout, and you've got yourself an office to rent that ticks every box on your list. Oh, and let's not overlook the bike storage for the eco-conscious commuters, an elevator for those days when the stairs are just too much, and a neat phone area for when you need to dial into your next big deal.

Location and accessibility

Location, location, location! Nestled within the dynamic Podgorze district of Cracow, Zamoyskiego 24 doesn't just sit pretty – it's also super accessible. Whether you're rolling up in a car or breezing by on public transport, getting here is a breeze. The nearest bus station? Just a stone's throw away, and the train station is only a quick walk, translating into a commute that's more 'ahh' than 'argh'. With Cracow's vibrant cityscape just outside your door, you're perfectly positioned to make the most of this historic yet ever-evolving city.

The surrounding area offers a delightful cornucopia of local facilities, from charming cafes where you can woo clients over a latte to lush parks perfect for lunchtime strolls. Whether you're on the hunt for a quick bite or need a last-minute bank run, you'll find everything you need within walking distance. It's not just about work, it's about lifestyle—and here, you'll flourish in both.

Interested in renting office space at Zamoyskiego 24 in Cracow?

Thinking of renting office space where your business can bloom? Let Zamoyskiego 24, Cracow be the soil for your growing company. Why settle for typical when you can have a workspace that reflects your brand’s uniqueness? To seize this harmonious blend of form and function, schedule a tour of this gem. Drop us a line, and let's talk about how your future at Zamoyskiego 24 can start today. Who knows? This might just be the beginning of your business's best chapter yet.

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