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  • Rent office space Fruitweg 38, Leiden (3)
  • Rent office space Fruitweg 38, Leiden (3)
  • Rent office space Fruitweg 38, Leiden (3)
  • Rent office space Fruitweg 38, Leiden (3)
  • Rent office space Fruitweg 38, Leiden (3)

Fruitweg 38, Leiden

Rent office space at Fruitweg 38 starting from 47m² from €565 per month.

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In the office at Fruitweg 38, there are many facilities available.

  • Coffee/tea
  • Meeting space
  • Postal address
  • Pantry
  • Parking facility
  • Heating
  • Electricity connection
  • Window cleaning (outside)
  • Waste disposal
  • 24/7 access
  • Airconditioning
  • Elevator
  • Storage space
  • Toilets
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Location & Accessibility

Nearest public transport:

Available offers

Availability updated:
Office space 5 persons
Rental price: €565 p.m. all-in
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Fruitweg 38, Leiden

Looking to rent office space that combines simplicity with practicality? Fruitweg 38 in Leiden could be your next business address. These office spaces offer a no-nonsense vibe, where you can focus on work without the distraction of over-the-top decor. The clean lines and plentiful natural light make it an inviting spot for those professionals who prefer functionality over frills. But don't think for a moment that it's all work and no play—there's something about the understated charm of this place that might just surprise you.

At Fruitweg 38, you'll find office space rental options that cater to a variety of business needs, whether you're a start-up seeking to make its mark or an established enterprise looking for a fresh spot in Leiden. The workspace is tailored to foster productivity, with bright open areas and private offices to suit your preference. Take note of the comfy carpet underfoot—just one of the nice touches that make these offices a solid candidate for your next business move.

Facilities of Fruitweg 38

Fruitweg 38 in Leiden isn't just about a place to set up your laptop. No, it's about providing the essentials that make your working life smoother and more enjoyable. Let's talk coffee and tea—a staple for the tireless thinker. This office space ensures you're energized and hydrated throughout the hustle of your day. But it doesn't stop there; with meeting spaces designed for collaboration, a pantry for when hunger strikes, and parking facilities for an easy commute, it's got the basics down, along with a few perks.

What about the needs that accompany the modern business rhythm? This office has you covered with 24/7 access for the night owls and early birds alike. Keep cool with air conditioning, squeeze into tight deadlines with lift access to save those precious moments, and store your archives or inventory in convenient storage spaces. It's an office to rent that understands the demands of today's business environment and rises to the occasion.

Location and accessibility

Getting to and from Fruitweg 38 is a breeze, and that's crucial for keeping you and your team’s stress levels down and efficiency up. Nestled in the delightful city of Leiden, your new office space rental allows for a gentle commute—just a short drive from major highways saves you from the dreaded traffic jams. For those opting for public transport, reliable connections will whisk you to your desk with time to spare for that essential morning coffee.

The vicinity is not just about easy access; it's about convenience. Step out into the city of Leiden and you'll find a plethora of local facilities that blend with the quaint yet progressive spirit of the locale. From eateries that cater to quick lunches and client dinners to essential services that keep your day running smoothly, it's all there, within a stone's throw from your new office haven.

Interested in renting office space at Fruitweg 38 in Leiden?

If you're eyeing the practical choice and want to rent office space that balances the essentials with comfort, Fruitweg 38 in Leiden awaits your discerning eye. Not only is this location primed for productivity and ease of access, but also promises a level of tranquility that's hard to find in bustling cityscapes. Take the opportunity to witness it first hand. Contact us to schedule a tour and see how these spaces can elevate your business to the next level. Your future office space in Leiden might be just an inquiry away!

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