• Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)
  • Rent office space Atoomweg 400, Utrecht (3)

Atoomweg 400, Utrecht

Rent office space at Atoomweg 400 starting from 162m² from €2,750 per month.

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In the office at Atoomweg 400, there are many facilities available.

  • Internet facilities
  • Coffee/tea
  • KVK-registration
  • Pantry
  • Parking facility
  • Lunch facility
  • Heating
  • Window cleaning (outside)
  • Water consumption
  • Waste disposal
  • Cleaning (common areas)
  • 24/7 access
  • Reception desk
  • Common areas
  • Restaurant
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Security
  • Elevator
  • Storage space
  • Toilets
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Location & Accessibility

Nearest public transport:

Available offers

Availability updated:
Office space 162m²
Rental price: €2,750 p.m. all-in
Available quantity: 1
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Atoomweg 400, Utrecht

When you're looking to rent office space that bridges the gap between cozy and professional, Atoomweg 400 in Utrecht stands out. This spot offers an atmosphere that's as inviting as a cup of Dutch coffee—smooth, rich, and perfect for stimulating productivity. If you're on the hunt for an office to rent that isn't just a place to work but a space to thrive, you'll find the doors of Atoomweg 400, Utrecht, wide open for you and your business.

Every inch of this office space rental screams 'no-nonsense efficiency' with a wink. From the crisp, clean lines of the exterior to the harmonious blend of comfy furnishings and stylish decor inside, it's clear that this is a place where ideas can bloom. The juxtaposition of softly glowing pendant lights against sleek, modern lines creates a canvas for your business's story at Atoomweg 400 in Utrecht.

Facilities of Atoomweg 400

In the heart of Utrecht at Atoomweg 400, you'll not only rent an office space, but you'll also gain access to a trove of top-shelf amenities. Let's talk internet facilities—because isn't seamless connectivity as essential as oxygen these days? It's all here, along with the added perks of a coffee/tea fix to keep your energy buzzing, a well-equipped pantry for when hunger strikes, and parking facilities that make commuting a breeze.

Making your office eco-system hum smoothly, you've got a reception desk to greet your visitors, 24/7 access to keep those odd-hour inspirations in check, commonly-shared areas for those spontaneous collaboration sessions, plus wheelchair accessibility and an elevator to ensure inclusivity. Need a place to stash that extra inventory or documents? Ample storage space stands ready at this Utrecht facility.

Location and accessibility

Now let's chit-chat about location. If Atoomweg 400, Utrecht, was any more accessible, it'd come with a teleportation pod. Need to zip off to a meeting? The Otto Hahnweg bus station is a mere three-minute stroll away—yes, we did the math so you don't have to. And, if you're more of a four-wheeler fan, you're in luck—major roads wink at you from a distance, making car travel just as convenient.

But it's not all work—we know life isn't confined to the office. That's why Atoomweg 400 is surrounded by a buffet of local facilities to satisfy those life-admin cravings. From cozy eateries for your lunch gatherings to shops for an impromptu retail therapy session, everything's just a stone's throw away, giving 'convenient location' a whole new meaning.

Interested in renting office space at Atoomweg 400 in Utrecht?

If you've got your sights set on an office space rental opportunity that ticks all the boxes, consider Atoomweg 400 in Utrecht your target marked with a giant "X." We're talking about the kind of place that could have you looking forward to Mondays—no, seriously. So why not take the next step? Schedule a tour, ask for more photos, or simply swing by to rent office space that could very well be the launchpad for your business's next big leap. After all, Atoomweg 400 might just be where your success story begins.

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